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The mid-Atlantic region is unique in its physiographic complexity and rich ecological diversity. Its naturally occurring wetlands mirror that complexity and diversity. Restoration of wetlands and creation of new wetlands shield waterways from unfiltered runoff and provide essential habitat for native plant and animal species. They can also serve as an attractive community amenity.

The function and structure of an engineered wetland is determined by the constructed elevation and the construction techniques of the designed system. An artificial wetland can be designed and built in any landscape profile. However, EQRs goal is construction of a wetland that emulates the function of a natural wetland.

Accordingly, we recognize that there is more to constructing a wetland than merely following the specifications and details, especially if they are standard road specifications and construction sequences. One must consider time of year of construction and how the water table and weather affect the site conditions. To construct a natural system, we have to consider different hydrologic and tidal conditions, change the handling and placement of soils, determine how organics are mixed under different construction operations, and work with regulators to decide what species and planting procedures are appropriate for the time of year. A design alone cannot address all of those interactions and the affect on construction methods and materials.

EQR has built hundreds of acres of wetlands, freshwater and tidal, throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Below is a listing of some of our projects.

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