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Storm Water Management

Storm water management (SWM) can be as simple as constructing a low volume swale or as complex as an in-line dam in a sensitive woodland with multiple feeder utilities following the stream valley. In addition, these various systems often require long-term maintenance, debris removal, dredging, waterproofing structures and pipe sliplining. Understanding and performing both the construction and maintenance of these facilities gives us the ability to recommend new construction adjustments that minimize future maintenance requirements.

Many of these systems are in urban areas and require tailored safety procedures for unique hazards, such as working in areas containing biohazards or shoring slopes for the construction of a concrete footer 20 feet below a stream invert. EQR employs a full time safety officer and experienced project managers to keep all projects, both simple and complex, safe and efficient.

EQRs experience extends to all types of SWM systems. We have constructed detention ponds, bioretention facilities, and various associated structures, such as inlets, outfalls, and risers. We have helped refine applicable Best Management Practices, and continue to explore ways to improve outfall water temperature control as well as volume control.

EQR has won several public and private unit price contracts for construction and maintenance of hundreds of facilities.

Below is a sample project list.

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