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Invasive Species Control

Non-Native Invasive (NNI) Species management is a growing component of environmental mitigation projects. Stream corridors and wetland sites are dynamic ecosystems subject to a wide range of environmental influences from throughout the surrounding watersheds. These ecologically volatile areas are exposed to the introduction of NNI from anywhere in the upstream watershed.

Without a long term commitment to control of NNI, mitigation sites can be quickly overwhelmed with a monoculture of undesirable plants. Monocultures do little to promote the variety of habitat required by wildlife, and they arenít as effective at protecting water quality as a diverse plant community. EQR has long recognized that by controlling NNI, we are protecting and promoting vegetative diversity as a critical component of our healthy ecosystems.

Our control efforts cover a wide range of management techniques including physical removal, cutting, and a range of herbicide application measures. As each project is unique as to target plants, place in the landscape, and required timing of treatments, control efforts are selected that recognize those unique aspects. Non target impacts are reduced through the use of hand removal in and around desirable vegetation. In wetlands, when herbicide use is required, only EPA Aquatic Use labeled herbicides are used.

EQRís Invasive Species Management Plans utilize an ecosystem approach to invasive species management. The approach targets all the weeds identified on a project, not only a primary species of concern. With over 14 years experience in NNI control, EQR understands that disturbed mitigation sites are extremely vulnerable to the aggressive reproductive potential of invasive species.

A sampling of our NNI projects appears below.
Additional information on these and other projects is available upon request.

  • APM Terminals, Portsmouth, VA
  • Wootton's Mill, Rockville, MD
  • Minebank Stream, Baltimore County, MD
  • Ft. McHenry Wetland, Baltimore, MD

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