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Stream Restoration

EQR has been constructing stream restoration projects since 1991. We have restored streams in urban and suburban areas, on residential and industrial sites. Our services have mitigated the adverse impacts of impervious surface runoff, thereby moderating water flow and improving water quality. Our work has also removed barriers to fish passage and restored adjacent riparian areas to improve habitat.

We have extensive experience working in different stream types and sizes, from headwaters to 4th order tidal streams. We have constructed all of the modern hard and soft bioengineering and stream control techniques utilized in the mid-Atlantic region, including riffle grades, fish ladders, soil wrapped lifts and a variety of in-stream and bank stabilization structures. In addition, we have considerable experience with channel realignment and dam removal.

What distinguishes our company is not only our specialization but the quality of our work. Many of our crews have been involved with stream construction projects for over 10 years. They understand the environmental sensitivity and power of the stream systems in which they work. Our employees know how to construct within a riparian corridor to achieve long term stability and improve stream ecology in a dynamic environment. They know how to minimize their construction footprint, protect plant and animal species, and construct as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We believe our stewardship sets a good example for the communities where we work and affords the opportunity to educate others about the importance of environmental restoration. EQR is also proud of our ability to provide our services at competitive prices.

Below is a sampling of our stream projects.


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