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EQR launched its environmental construction business more than 15 years ago with reforestation and afforestation projects. Since then, EQR has established its own native plant nursery and developed the expertise to handle upland, riparian and wetland planting projects.

Native plantings are an essential component of environmental restoration. Trees and understory plantings, in sufficient number and proper placement, can improve water quality, reduce runoff velocity and volume, and sequester carbon. Vegetated stream buffers can also help to maintain appropriate water temperatures for aquatic species. Use of native plants is key to ensuring lower maintenance projects, biodiversity and habitat for native animal species.

EQR has several crews trained especially for planting projects as well as a full time nursery manager and a natural resources manager. Together, they offer the plant knowledge and installation know-how to deliver a cost-effective project using suitable species.

A listing of some of our planting projects appears below.

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