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Pond Maintenance

Pond management efforts frequently fall into two categories: environmental and aesthetic. Environmental management addresses the function of the pond as a healthy aquatic system supporting a diverse plant and animal community. Management for aesthetics involves maintaining a certain standard of appearance, such as to be free of weeds and algae. Those two objectives require different management techniques. However, both require understanding pond ecosystems, along with the physical condition of the pond.

Managing a pond to promote an aquatic community requires an understanding of the aquatic plants that are a natural, key component of the system. EQR also recognizes that the pond is more than a waterbody with only fish and plants. A pond system involves the interaction of a sophisticated animal and plant complex adjusting to all the runoff and contaminants entering the pond. Also, like any feature in the landscape, ponds change with seasons and also through the day. EQR can promote the success of these systems through the installation of aerators, the addition of emergent plants, or the creation of vegetative buffers.

EQR has worked with individual landowners, HOAs, golf courses, cities, and counties to help them manage ponds and water features to a desired standard. The first step in managing ponds to an aesthetic standard is to determine the results desired. Our commitment is to help owners make informed decisions about the pond. For example, many ponds function as storm water management facilities. That function restricts where plantings can occur around the pond, but more importantly, means that the pond will receive frequent inflows of warm, nutrient laden water. Once the pond system is understood, EQR can recommend management options that help attain the desired goals.

EQR has experience treating aquatic weeds and nuisance algae using a variety of EPA registered Aquatic Use Rated Algaecides and Herbicides. Applications can be made to control unsightly algal blooms or they can be made to eliminate invasive aquatic species that are crowding out a more desirable species.

Virginia Lake ManagementEQR is proudly partnered with Virginia Lake Management. You may view their website here.

A listing of sample pond management projects is below.

  • Back River Debris Boom

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