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EQR is skilled in constructing bioretention facilities as a water quality control structure. Given our location in Maryland, we are well acquainted with the leading work done in this field by Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the University of Maryland.

EQR understands how bioretention facilities function to reduce runoff velocity and capture pollutants from stormwater before those pollutants can reach waterways. We have staff with the expertise to install pipework, filtration stone, and engineered soil mixes at critical elevations. What distinguishes our crews is that they understand how to place materials to minimize compaction through and around the facility. This increases infiltration rates so the facilities function as designed soon after completion. In addition, our nursery management staff knows which plant species perform well in these facilities. Our construction crews are also adept at identifying impervious subsoils and installing underdrains to maintain proper infiltration.

EQR is also aware of the conditions under which a bioretention system may be inappropriate, such as areas that receive high sediment flows or excessively sloped terrain.

A listing of some of our bioretention projects appears below.


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